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Imotobank Investment Program

An Interest Earning Opportunity

Backers have been earning a direct rate of return with us for years. We have a proven track record of success.

In the space where traditional banks reside, we pay a higher rate of interest directly to you bypassing the bank, earning you a large margin on your money. 

If you choose to invest $5000 or less, you will earn 6% interest, paid at 0.5% monthly. If you choose to invest more than $5000, you will earn 12% interest, paid at 1% monthly. 

Once your deposit is received you will be given a receipt with our MA compliant crowd sourcing note. You can recoup your deposit with a 60 day written notice. 

Earn 6-12%
Earn 6-12% Interest
Imotobank Investment Opportunities with Phillip

Imotobank Investment Opportunities with Phillip

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We have exceptionally trained staff that can handle all aspects of the purchase, sale, finance, and delivery of the car. We are engineers, salespeople, C-level executives, and more.


Our investors have been earning 6-12% with us successfully and include real estate investors, business executives, high networth individuals, and even regular individuals with some extra savings.

Our Investors


We have a philosophy of treating our customers right and knowing that it results in loyal customers and repeat business.

Proven History

We have a track record of 12 years of increased sales year over year and we continue to exceed our industry metrics.


We are on the fore- front of tech, allowing our customers to purchase their vehicle in 15 minutes from their home or office. 


Our team is multi talented, persistent, and dedicated to make Imotobank the best it can be. 

How are we different?
Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via the link to the right.

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